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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this time it is ambler police spent the overnight hours in an ambler apartment complex investigating an apparent double shooting. latest on their investigation coming up. and more gunfire on a busy local highway this time, one driver end up with bullets lodged in his car whom police are trying to track down right now, before someone else gets seriously hurt. and some big changes, right now for septa aridders. >> it will create timetable issues with people being late and trans being backup. overcrowded trains forcing a change in the way some fares
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fares will be collected, what you need to necessity before you start your commute. first big week of camp is in the books but where are all of the fans? have we lost interest in the eagles? we will go live to the novacare complex. i have been schooled already about that comment that by dave spadaro of the eagles. >> he is saying last year there was only 16,000 fans, so this year, there was 18,000, it is pretty good. >> more than last year. >> maybe i'm confusing it with military day where they had 40,000 people, that was the following week even. >> military appreciation day. >> a pol guys to eagles fans from coast to coast. >> but still, it is a good question, as we get into this season are we as excited. last year we were talking super bowl this year in the so much. >> some pundits had us in the super bowl. >> difference because they are not in lehigh anymore, because we take them for granted,
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maybe they are just around. >> maybe so. >> lets get to the number of the day because it is sticky out there. six out of ten today. we had humidity, pop up thunderstorms around. is there muggy the dog and bus stop buddy. you will get your pool time in today but watch out, of course, listen for that thunder and exit the beach and the pool, if you hear any. we still then every storms in ocean county this morning where we have been watching all morning long and the only area of rain we have in our viewing area at the moment but another one could pop up at anytime. cloudy skies, socked in with clouds, with 74 degrees and 91 . 64 degrees mount pocono. seventy-seven in wildwood. our high 86 degrees with isolated storms otherwise warm and muggy. we call it soupy, bob kelly, very soupy. >> you got it. soup you i hear in the studios. we will call it 7:03.
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live lot a the blue route 476 right here near broomall upper darby route three, in problems at all working your way in or out of delco, heading down toward the airport looking good here on the vine coming off of the schuylkill but we are all lined up single file here trying to get in the 30th street station. no problems at moment but with these pop up then are boomers throughout the day you want to be prepared and check the airline because flights could be delayed by thunderstorm act in other parts of the country impacting the arrivals. an accident in trooper, pawlings and audubon off of route 422. if you are coming back from the shore, folks like to say that extra night and come back to the office with sand in your shoe n problems on the ac expressway. we had that thunderstorm action. sue just showed us on doppler there that is all north of the atlantic city expressway along the parkway but coming back from say wildwood, avalon, stone harbor good to go
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working your way back towards philadelphia. mike and alex, back to you. 7:04. gunfire erupts in the middle have the night leaving two people shot in montgomery county. >> now office are in ambler are trying to figure out what went down here. jenny joyce is on the scene, jenny. >> reporter: mike and alex a coroner arrived and as news spread we are watching more and more people showing up saying their friend, family members of the shooting victims. one woman said she's sister of the woman who was shot and killed last night at forest gardens apartment complex on forest avenue in ambler. police say it was a double shooting that happened before midnight last night, ambler police and montgomery county district attorney's office has been out here all morning long walking in and out of the building looking at evidence at this point the d.a.'s office is not releasing any information. the sister says she does president know much either. >> i'm not hearing of anything that i don't know yet. i just know that she was
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killed last night. she was a single mom, went to work abe if anybody knows anything let the police know. >> reporter: she was hanging out, who lived with her and he was in the home at the time of the shooting. we're hearing that the sonnies at the police station talking with investigators. we are awaiting official information from the d.a.'s office, mike and alex. 7:05. search is on for a driver accused of shooting at another car, on i-95 in northeast philadelphia police say shots rang out last night around 7:15 in torresdale as two cars went on to that southbound ramp on i-95 right at academy road. investigators say a person behind the wheel of the cadillac fired shots at a honda. the bullets became lodged in
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the honda. no one was hurt, this is the third road rage incident in three months. point breeze many questions after a man is found stabbed to death in the streets. he was discovered with multiple wounds to the chest and arms lying on derek street around 9:30. police have very little information including victim's name or what killed him. detectives believe he is in his 50's. 7:06. it happened on the 300 block of rittenhouse street, police say boy was accidentally shot in the hand and then taken to the hospital. he was listed in stable condition, and a gun was recovered at the scene. two men are under arrest in connection with the germantown murder, both are former temple police officers. the deadly assault happened friday morning on the 4600 block of green street. police found a 24 year-old would hand dead inside of a home there. prosecutors charged 47 year-old aaron wright with the murder. former cop.
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they also charged marquis robinson, with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit murder and other related charges. temple university did release a statement yesterday saying quote unquote aaron wright resigned from temple's police department in 2012. marquis robinson has been terminated from the department and temple is cooperating with philadelphia police in their investigation. police have not yet publicly identified the victim. funeral services, begin today for a philadelphia fire fighter, gabriel lee who died touring his shift on july 23rd. lee was a 17 year veteran and was assigned to ladder company number 12 in north philadelphia, first viewing will be held it in, at 6:00 o'clock at deliverancee langleys church on westerly high avenue. second viewing will take place at the same location tomorrow at 9:00 o'clock in the morning. funeral services will be following that, fire fighter
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lee's cause of death is still not yet known. coming up at 7:08 there will be new rules for septa regional rail passengers starting this afternoon. >> yep, passengers will to have buy a ticket before they go down to the platform and bunch of different sent i locations including 30th street station where davis. >> does this mean more waiting for people. >> reporter: well, that is the fear, that is what people are saying and after these new rules came down and they go in effect this have a noon when people are leaving center city this afternoon. change in rules means all passengers have to be ticketed before getting on to any regional rail train, departing center city. this only applies to the five stations in center city and only during afternoon rush between 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 on weekdays. conductors don't have time or space to check all passengers for ticket while on the train because they are so packed. since a third of the regional rail fleet was pulled for
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detects. some worry a ticket check before boarding can cause even more delays. >> it could create timetable issues with people being late and trains being blocked up and delays greater because trains will not leave without people waiting for it. >> if you don't have a ticket or pass go to the sales office at the stations and do your purchase there and then you have a ticket and validated at top of the stairwell before you go down to the station. >> reporter: some say it is not fair but fare collection staff will be stationed by the stairway to take fares before riders get on the platform. cash will not be accepted for preboarding payment. septa ace expect to release a report on the state of the regional rail system sometime this week. back to you. 7:09. let us know how it goes this afternoon. >> we will see. >> smokers in pennsylvania now have to dish out an extra dollar for a pack of cigarettes. >> in philadelphia a it is even higher. tax on a pack of cigarettes,
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smokes in pennsylvania goes for 1.60 to to .60. but in the city of fill awe will be paying $4.60 in taxes, loan on every pack. this increase all part of the plan to address the state's budget deficit. and get this, department of revenue estimates that the tax on these cigarettes will generate more than 400 million-dollar a year to the state treasury. we shall see. 7:10. now that the conventions are all candidate are getting a tension from clinton and trump campaigns. also, donald trump's response to one attack during the democratic convention and its problem with this years presidential debate. the scheduling he has issues with. >> kristin fischer, i have never seen you before, welcome to philadelphia. >> thanks for having me mike and alex.
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>> well, sure. >> reporter: believe it or not, go ahead. >> no, go, go, go. >> reporter: all right. i'll go. believe it or not we are less than 100 days away from election day and that means that from here on out, it is all about those big battle ground states and right now latest polls show trump and clinton dead lock in states like ohio and pennsylvania. donald trump is kicking up bipartisan backlash from the first full week in the general election campaign. his comments about kahn and his wife and army captain muslim son killed in iraqis are criticized from the republican leaders in the house and senate to hillary clinton asked about this controversy, repeatedly yesterday on the campaign trail. >> and then to launch an attack as he did on captain kahn's mother, a gold star
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mother, i don't know where the bottom is. >> as clinton wraps up her two day bus tour for two key battle ground states ohio and pennsylvania, trump is preparing to hit those same states today. the his campaign is planning to meet with the commission on presidential debates after trump complained two debates are at the same time as nfl games. >> hillary clinton wants to go begins the nfl. maybe what she did with bernie sanders where they were saturday night when nobody is home. report report they are pushing back. they claim schedule has been set since september and was nfl who trum said sent him a letter. spokesmen tweeted out while we obviously wish the debate commission decided another night we did not send a letter to mr. trump. >> reporter: first debate is two months away on september 26th, but, mike and alex, something else to watch out for is a possible october surprise, from wikileaks. its founder said they are
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still planning honorary leasing more documents about clinton, sometime, between now and november. >> every campaign, october. kristin, thank you. where did you go to school, where are you from what is your story, woman. >> reporter: i'm a lot older then i look. i went to boston university but i have been doing this for like ten years. >> you have. >> great to have you. >> great to see you guys over the tv. >> i know. >> now her first name is kristin. it is a little odd she kind of looks like kristin davis from sex and the city. >> have you seen that before. >> i have not heard that but i'll take it. >> you kind of do. >> yes. >> kristin. >> wow. >> really unfair because you can see me and i cannot see you, and, you know, i'd love to find out, see who y'all look like. >> i resemble george clooney. >> of course, you do.
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>> my name is alex holley but people say i look like halle berry. >> exactly, yes. >> get it all the time. >> kristin, nice job. >> i will take kristin davis, thank you very much. >> next time we talk to you george clooney and, you know, halle berry. >> yes. >> george and halle back to you. >> thank you. >> thank you. charlotte on sex and the city. >> yes, but in real life she's kristin. >> real life. >> she does look just like her. >> weird. >> nice. if you watch our news, and i know do you not if, but when you do, when you watch our news at 10:00 o'clock especially, this is the set we have used for ten years. yes, kind of warn out. tired of it. we made changes. we decorated this thing. redecorated basically. long construction process. do you want to see, this is transformation from that set
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that we used for ten years to the new one, here we go. our new studio revealed tonight at 10:00 o'clock and then, we also have something new an 11:00 o'clock newscast here on fox. >> brand new look, 10:00 p.m. like you have never seen it before. >> do that again. >> do you like that voice.
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>> yes. >> 10:00 p.m. like you have never seen it before. >> yes. >> you mean that, jazz hands. >> how do you spell before. >> before. >> it is b-e-f-w-a-urauyh. >> here's sue serio. >> what a way to do the forecast. a look at ultimate doppler radar, why i i have not been doing that all these years. sometimes we do when there is drama because there is, we have soaking thunderstorms in ocean county, new jersey around long beach, seaside heights, take away lightening bolt and laci township right there along this portion of the garden state parkway, it is, soaking, undoubted, flash flooding going on. that is a serious situation there we could get flash flooding if you get isolated storm in any of these counties where we have a flash flood
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watch continuing until 10:00 o'clock tonight the because possibility of the pop up thunderstorms. now we have in the seen anything going on since the middle of june when we had tropical storm danielle. now we are watching this area of the caribbean just south of the puerto rico for possible develop. it is not a depression or any kind of tropical storm but it looks like it has a good chance of forming into something. if we get one it would be the name earl. my name is earl. that is next one on the list and watching for tropical storm earl, in what has been a quiet couple months with tropical storm system. the visibility only half mile in mount pocono, 5 miles in millville, reduced visibility in pottstown and then very muggy, every where. 74 degrees in the the city. seventy-seven in dover. dew points in the 07's just about every where as well, sticky sunday, with a high of
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90 degrees. and no heat wave 86 today. eighty-three tomorrow. eighty-three on wednesday. wednesday is the take you want to make those outdoor plans because wednesday is the day humidity goes away and thursday bob kelly is when you get your afternoon game for the phillies and the giants, it looks like a 1:05 game on thursday afternoon. ideal weather as well. >> i smell business meeting thursday afternoon, we have to bring our profit and loss statements, boss will want to meet with us at ballpark. live look at schuylkill expressway, westbound, heading out from the boulevard out toward belmont avenue, jammed up, as folks leaving the town and then coming in on the 42 freeway. extra volume as we see on a monday morning folks like to stay down the shore an extra night and go back in the office on monday. eastbound 422 accident at sanatoga interchange by the outlets, and then the deal for this afternoon's rush hour
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this starts this afternoon getting septa a trans to collect fairs without having conductor walk up and down crowded trains. a lot of free rides here over last couple weeks. that will all change today in the five center city stations only for the evening rush hour. you'll have to have your ticket before you get to the top of the stairway, and collector stamp before you go down to the platform. those guys at the top of the stairs will not be taking cash, you have to go to the ticket window at the station, get your ticket and then present that to the conductor. there will be confusing this afternoon no doubt about it. for gang coming back to the shore, sue showed us areas north of the expressway are seeing heavy rain, but right the new no problems on the ac x or parkway working back from say cape may back to the city. mike and alex, back to you. first week of training camp close was an opened practice at the link who stood
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out in front of the fans. we are talking about the fans attendance who was actually there are we seeing more fans interested in this season. we will look. we will discuss. >> good question. mtv is having a birthday, 35 years old, do you remember that show? that was back in the hey day, man. well, they are bringing back some have the on shows for good. >> we will tell you which ones.
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how about this can you fly too fast. pilots union says that american airlines is pushing its pilots to fly planes faster then they should. >> what, this doesn't sound safe at all. >> i know, it is all legal but pilots union is saying american airlines is trying to lessen cancellations and one way to do that toys redraw the flight routes and have pilots fly as fast as they can legally really pushing limits of the planes. also figure out route in such a way where they don't roll over, turn over the crew.
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they can work, the maximum that is legally allowed by law. >> what does american say about this? >> reporter: they say that is not the case, everything they are doggies legal but you have to, compete and fly as much passenger planes as fast as possible while keeping overhead down. >> we will keep an eye on this story. let's talk about this. i'm a so oldy remember 35 years ago being sent to do a story in tea teaneck, new jersey on something called mtv >> and i started my stand to the story, come back to me for a second. i go like this, i take one hand and so you got tv, and you have got music, and now they have come together. >> that is pretty good. >> mtv. >> emmy award winning. >> i interviewed first five dj's and i'm trying to come up with their name.
7:25 am
martha quinn was one of them. >> yes. >> jj jackson. nina, nine blackwood. >> right. >> the curly haired guy, white guy. >> mark goodman. >> anal an hunter. >> he was the blonde guy. >> what day was that back in 1981, that day was... >> it was today. >> august 1st. >> yes, 35 years old, mtv is. >> way we consume music. what was first video that aired. >> radio killed the something store. >> video killed the radio store. >> what was the second video. >> second was something by bengals. >> pat bena tar. >> yes. >> to celebrate, mtv totally ignored their 30th birthday because they didn't want to feel old.
7:26 am
now we are doing throw back thursday, flash back friday, receipt tremendous is cool and celebrating 35 by replaying that first hour of mtv back in 1981 and bringing back hit shows on mtv classic. so cribs, unplugged, what else did we used to have love. >> yes. >> i remember cribs. >> downtown julie brown. >> punked. >> yes. >> people watch trl all the time. >> what time are they go to go do first hour i want to see the first hour. >> i'm not sure but i do know they are replaying it on facebook live. >> okay. >> well, thank you. >> happy birthday mtv. >> some people say it is not about the music. >> i want my mtv when they feared cable companies didn't have mtv. i want my mtv. moon man. >> yeah. >> the flag and the moon. >> yep, then vmaes.
7:27 am
>> yes, music and television come together. >> it was music here with this and then a tv over here with this and i combined my hands and went like this. >> was there graphics or just your hand. >> it was a tv. >> i had a tv that would move and then music and bring it together and pushed out and it was the flag. ryan in the control room can you find that flag thing, mtv flag from 35 years ago and the sound was... >> you are showing your age. >> this, i know. >> well, we will see you tomorrow. >> thank you this one. >> that. >> so man on the moon with the flag instead of that. >> rolling it. >> let see it. >> just a picture. i need sound.
7:28 am
>> the sound was... >> what do we need sound when we have you doing it. >> up close. >> okay. >> there is nothing dirty about it, 35 years ago we weren't dirty then. >> it was just dull. >> ryan, it is missle shooting up in the air. >> come on, go. >> that was it. >> it sounded like an alarm or something. it sound so different. >> how about the big pga tournament that jimmy walker won i have not seen him since good times, dynamite. he won, jimmy walker.
7:29 am
>> jen will teach us thousand play golf. >> i used to get grounded forgetting busted for watching mtv because we didn't have cable. moving on. mike vick, mike quick, doctor j, charles barkley they are all heading here. what is so special about this golf tournament that all want to be part of it. i will tell you a after the break.
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we are watching the sky later on today for pop up showers and thunderstorms with bus stop buddy and the ever present at least lately muggy the dog because it is so humid. muggy will take a break by wednesday but we don't see any pop up showers or thunderstorms in our viewing area, except for ocean county hard hit along the coast around long beach, seaside heights this morning with drenching downpours and some thunder and lightening as well. for us, it is just cloudy here in olde city. muggy, 74 degrees at the moment with just a little bit of the breeze and then temperatures in the mid 60's in the poconos mountains where they are trying to get in that race today that was cancelled yesterday the pocono 400 or pennsylvania 400 i should say. seventy-six in wilmington. seventy-seven in wildwood. warm, muggy all day with a high of 86 degrees. the isolated pop up thunderstorms. they are possible anywhere.
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not everybody will get a storm but if you do it will be probably a soaker. so just keep an eye on the sky later to take. we will tell you when we will get that break coming up in the seven day forecast. so happy, august bob kelly. >> right back at you, sue, august 1st, live look at route 309 in stump road where we have cleared out an accident. roads are dry at least right here and same deal on the 42 freeway coming in toward the city we're dry buzz coming from say ocean county, getting whacked with heavy storms as sue showed us on live mega doppler. keep that in mind throughout the day. philly international no problems at the moment but as they roll through our area, just be prepared, check with the airline and give yourself two hours before your scheduled departure time heading down to the airport. no problems at the moment on 202, starting to see volume on 422 coming from lawyers for.
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here's your speed meter reading slow from schuylkill gulph mills and conshohocken and slow from cottman avenue in through girard. mike and alex, back over to you. if you use september, listen to this they have got some changes, this afternoon. dave's all over it. already, are you okay. >> yeah, aim fine. >> septa riders they have been dealing with longer wait times. >> yes. >> because of the car defect in the trains. >> yes. >> the funky cars. >> the faults. >> bring in the noise, bring in the funk here's dave kinchen. >> reporter: with that introduction i cannot disappoint. it is something that people are worried about even more delays, potentially here with these new rules impacting septa riders leaving center city this afternoon. a change in the rules means all passengers have to be ticketed, this is really before getting on any regional rail train leaving center city
7:35 am
in the afternoon applies to the five stations in the center city area and only during afternoon rush between three and 6:30 p.m. on weekdays. conductors just don't have time to check all passengers for ticket on the train because there is so packed these days since a third of the regional rail fleet was yakked coup to a defect. now some passengers worry that a ticket check before boarding could make inn more delays. we can tell you also that officials tell thaws fare collection will take place in the stairway area, fair collection staff will be in the the stairways to take fares fares before they get on the platform and staff will be accepted at some point. we should hear from septa at overall state of the regional rail system with those third of the cars pulled for that defect. >> back to you. >> and yes, we are no long are functioning they are trying to fix everything instead of
7:36 am
clearing that up. we are warning you now. it will be in effect for the afternoon travel. let us know how it is. make sure you tweet us. use the #fox 29 good day. did you know eagles opened practice at the link. 18,000 fans knew. they showed up, but question is is there more or less than last year? are you more or less interested in the eagles this year. we will break it down. we will go live to the know of care facility to find out.
7:37 am
it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! eagles held their first opened practice of training camp, yesterday at the link. nice crowd. 18,000 people. >> but there is a question now, is it the same buzz around the team this season. there was a rumor going around saying well, last year they had 40,000 people at the open practice. >> well that was the second week of practice. it was military appreciation day so they had 40,000 people. >> they said last year 16,000 for opening day. >> but gary cab was there he was probably there last year. he feels is there the same feeling among the fans that are coming to open practice.
7:40 am
>> well, not as much because carson wentz is not going to start. >> no. >> if he was going to start there would be excitement. last year it was chip kelly, this year the guy everybody wants to see is carson wentz and right now he is set up and will be probably on the bench. >> now you have watched a week. the let's break it down. one man's opinion, g. cobb, how does the sam bradford where he is our starter look. >> he is struggling. it is not all him but he is struggling. sometimes he misses a receiver a a lot of times when he puts it in the guys hand he drops the ball. it makes you think of last year. they have to do something about that. there are too many dropped passes. sam misses guys sometimes but he was putting the ball on the money yesterday and guys were just dropping the ball. >> people were saying when it comes to our receivers they
7:41 am
are young and that might cause some problems for us. >> they have a young receiving group. that is why a guy they pick up ruben randall is going to have probably a good chance to really help them and he is looking very good. he has been one of the best receivers, ruben randall used to play with those stinking giants but he is looking good and i think he will to a good job for them. >> who is the second string chase daniel. >> how does he look. >> well, chase has been okay. chase is only about 5-foot ten, so he doesn't look as impressive as other guys because they are 6-foot five and 6-foot four but chase does know the offense and execute. he doesn't have as big as an arm. they can throw the ball deep. they can headache that deep out route and put more steam on the ball. chase is a smaller guy who uses his gyle to play his
7:42 am
position and not as impressive but he can do a decent job. >> when chip was here they talk about how fast practice were, there was music, ahh, crazy. how about doug pederson is he much more conservative. >> it is back to andy reid style, and and, and yesterday about 2,000 but they have long practices, they are slower. a little music. not nearly as much as chip. >> here's something to be excited about, people are excited about this, b dawkins is back. >> brian dawkins. >> you know what, brian dawkins was out here on sat day... >> go ahead. >> he is an outstanding player
7:43 am
and to have him looking for new talent, he will be in the scouting department. that is a tremendous addition, great move by the eagles to bring him back and something he feels he can be great at, maybe as great as he was a player. i think he want to be eventually a general manager. >> he is scouting. >> but he can still be found on the field doing stuff for players. >> you will not talk when he is out there. >> that is right, and he wants to get a chance to talk to players, get to know them and but big thing he can get to colleges and fine good quality talent, guys that will come in here and help make eagles a better team. >> g, thanks, appreciate it. all right. from the football field to the link, i was watching pga yesterday. >> yes. >> i wish i could play golf. >> why is that. >> people looks like they are having a good time.
7:44 am
>> you can still get out there unless you have a charles barkley swing. >> i want to come out where you are because there are many celebrities out there today. >> yes, they will be here at 9:00. we will talk bit before they show up. mike if charles barkley can swing so ugly there is hope for you. we will talk about why celebrities are interested this this tournament in particular. i approve this message.
7:45 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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good morning, everybody. an accident on the blue route 476, the jam cam, and in the area of route one, the accident is northbound, right at that route one interchange, right at on ramp causing delays, i-95 heading north, southbound you have your normal flow trying to come out of villanova down toward airport. accident eastbound on 422 at sanatoga interchange near the outlets and a water main break causing havoc not only the on the roads but also, folks without water this morning. the thinks on arr ot street between frankford avenue and roosevelt boulevard. if you know the area there arrot is the stretch there where the buses, the j, k and the 75 come out of frankford, market orthodox station and work their way up to the boulevard. they are being detour. we have water crews on the way again with that water main break there in the
7:48 am
neighborhood. here's a live look at the freeway northbound lanes of 41 stacked and pack here has folks not only normal morning rush hour crowd but during summertime everybody likes to stay down an extra night if you can, come back in the office there on a monday morning but some thunder boomers working their way through or morning rush, sue has spots to show new 15 seconds. a few thunderstorms popping up, there is a area of rain in kent county, delaware we are still watching a couple soakers, very isolated around seaside heights in new jersey around ocean county this morning, flash flood watch continues, until 10:00 o'clock tonight for our northern counties and that includes berks county which is northwest and lehigh valley
7:49 am
and poconos if you get a thunderstorm it could be a soaker. we have a rescheduled pennsylvania four hundred at pocono race way today, still watching out for an isolated storm but they think they will get the race in. it will be 70 degrees at 11:00 . if you had tickets yesterday, go back again today, pottstown, and allentown and mount pocono especially, very foggy to our north this morning with all that moisture in the air. we are at 80 degrees in cape may, this morning and minus 76, atlantic city 75. brigantine 76. medford lakes 73. muggy degrees. seventy-three in valley forge in philadelphia, it is 74 degrees. sticky sunday with a high of 90 and then eventually we got those showers and thunderstorms. same thing today but not as warm because we have more cloud cover 86 degrees today. eighty-three tomorrow. still unsettled. then by wednesday we can say lower humidity and that will
7:50 am
hang around through thursday and part of friday, starts to get muggy again over the weekend which will be the first week end of august. >> it sure will. >> thanks, sue. >> 7:50. i think charles barkley just as famous now for the worst swing in golf. >> it is pretty interesting to watch. >> whyyes. >> if you want to see this horrible swing, you can see it live, today in newtown square. >> that is where jen is, jen, i bet you are only going to see his swing. >> absolutely. everybody here is waiting for
7:51 am
all of the big shot celebrities to trickle in. good morning to you. you planned this whole thing. >> yes. >> no nerves about that are you ready for big shots. >> yes, hoping weather will be good. we will be great. >> don't look at the clouds. >> talk to me about that swing. charles barkley has one of the most most famous swings in golf and he still gets it in. how is he able to golf. he has taken lessons and gotten better how is he still able to maintain and not be too embarrassing. >> golf is a game for everyone. you can get out there and a have fun. that is why he does it. that is what we do at first tea too. >> last night doctor j was there. you had a parings party what is that. >> parings party is where all of the participant show up at the event and they find out which celebrities they will be playing with that night. in addition we have the soul survivors who sang also. >> nice. >> we had bunch of different live auction items.
7:52 am
>> so, let's name drop. we are seeking michael vick. >> yep. >> mike quick. >> correct. >> we will be fine that could be confusing. there will be big legend of basketball, doctor j not the only one. >> charles oakly. >> and the guy that we just signed gerald henderson and his father senior. >> he will be here too. >> yes. >> why do you think they will be here today. >> because we will do different things for first tea and they are very charitable throughout the area first t is a great opportunity to give back and play golf. >> they love the kids. >> yes. >> so we will talk about the kid in the 8:00 o'clock hour. i couldn't fess i have not played golf in a year. >> yes. >> i'm going to take my old faded bag and see if i can get any hits out of of it. we will be cool to see everyone starting to come in. >> i'd like to go out to that. i might do that today.
7:53 am
>> pretty cool. >> just look at charles barkley. >> yes. >> did you say it was national girlfriend day. >> that is what is trending on twitter trending. >> yes. >> who made this one up. >> i don't know, who knows who makes up these days. >> does that mean you do something for your girlfriend on national girlfriend day what do you do. >> get on twitter, facebook what should we do for our girlfriends today. it is always something. >> what do you mean. >> the pressure. >> yes. >> is it that difficult did, dwight to do something nice. >> what do you want? what would you want. >> maybe -- fact that you thought of us is nice enough. >> yes. >> some flowers. >> how about a nice catch. >> cook dinner tonight, or something you have been putting off, do it today. listen, if you do for us it all comes back to you. we're nicer. you will get along nicer.
7:54 am
>> south philly stapel, parking in the median. parking in the median in south broad street. for some folks who don't want this practice to come back and they will do something about it today. should we allow parking in the median again in south philly.
7:55 am
7:56 am
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7:57 am
what happened to philadelphia. >> where did it go. >> scary. >> intense. >> a week ago right now, it was pouring rain, as we walk into the wells fargo center for the democratic national convention. >> it was earlier then that because we came in earl tore do the show. >> yes. >> but now we want to know are cash registers throughout the city are they packed with money? did money come from the dnc, 50,000 people in town, all money coming to the restaurant, businesses and hotels.
7:58 am
>> according to vice news, that sound weird, the vice squad out, according to vice news the average price for a delegate to attend the convention in philadelphia was between $3,008,000, what is this former mayor of philadelphia michael nutter who appeared at the convention estimated the convention would bring in about 350 million-dollar for the city. so dan has been working on this over the weekend and he is about to proud to report what. >> well, alex, you are right, delegates are gone, visitors are gone but they are still counting profits this was a press i successful event. politicians always tend to overestimate amount of economic impact. >> right. >> mayor nutter thought it would be 50 million. dnc thought between 250 and 300 million. in reality we estimate back in our shop it was probably about 125 million in what we call direct economic impact,
7:59 am
meaning mike, going to the restaurant, alex going to the bar, hotels room, et cetera. direct impact. indirect impact is harder to measure, so indirect impact we have delegates in town she wants her nails done, right. that is indirect impact. or future visitors, we pulled off a good event here in the city we should be proud of it. future, those delegates say it could be a cool plates. maybe coming back for a week even. maybe hit jersey shore. it is hard to measure those future benefits but surely they are out there don't call my shirley. >> is what directly. >> about 125 million. >> yes. >> and maybe 25 million in future or indirect benefits that we will see over next few years as well. >> 125 million sound good to me. >> yes. >> because when i work at myrtle beach and it will take weeks for them to tally up everything. >> certainly better than papal
8:00 am
visit. we have final numbers. they originately estimated 400 million, it wases half of that when all said and done. they came to pray not the eat or drink. >> but more people came for pope. >> more people came for pope but restaurants not so crowded, bars in the the so crowd, it was a different event. >> i heard from some restauranters that said they didn't get bump they wanted but hotels did. >> hotels have a tendency to be at hotel and then come back to the hotel. >> interesting thing, what can we do better next time. the wells fargo center which we all love, for sports and concerts it is not in center city. a lot of delegates complained we were spending too much time in traffic and can't walk around and city. there was a lot of traffic. have one can free red state, blue state, green, it is a good thing. green is bipartisan. we brought green in the city and showed off city in a great light.
8:01 am
philadelphia a police department did great. good event. >> they had to have it at wells fargo center where else can you have all these people. >> how about a stadium like that downtown. >> don't get me started. >> send your tweets, to him. every time i bring this up. >> i know, mike. >> every time i bring this up, everything is down in one location in south philadelphia but other cities pet their venues all around the city. >> how about the waterfront. >> wouldn't that be great. >> good day, everybody, monday, august the first, 2016. we're changing rules, starting this afternoon septa is reworking their regional rail ticket procedures. why you or your loved ones may be late for dinner. from the train to the streets, with the dnc last week came parking restrictions and some people will stick
8:02 am
around. idea for broad street getting a lot of drivers fired up. >> let's get the most out of our work out. what do you say it is about timing. timing your snacks. the foods you should be eating before you sweat it out at the gym. >> we will have the results. beyond the award if your kid were watching the teen choice award last night they got more than music and a acceptance speeches how celebrities used the show to tackle tough topics. >> ♪ >> lets get weather and traffic. is what number of the day, a six. >> we have a six. it is really soupy. it is humid, fog to the north of us and we have thunderstorms in a few places. is there buddy. he is pool side. you will get your swimming in but listen up for thunder and if you hear any, get out of the pool. it is at the moment we are watching thunderstorms that are leaving us, in ocean county, new jersey.
8:03 am
still a downpour at seaside heights. that shouldn't be here too much longer. 74 degrees with 91 percent relative humidity. do you see what i mean by soupy. we have humidity, pop up thunderstorms anytime this have afternoon high temperature 86 degrees. sunset time 84:00 on this first day of august, 2016. >> good morning. as you grab your keys and head out front door live look, speedometer readings here slow go on the the schuylkill expressway, blue route jammed up from route one between route one and i-95. water main break at arot street, the stretch from orthodox el stop up to the roosevelt boulevard. again, not only to we have septa detours but there is homes right here without water this morning. septa detour the j, k and 75 as water crews are trying to make repairs. more so then normal here on
8:04 am
the freeway. not only do we have morning rush hour it is monday in the summertime. folks stay down the shore and get an extra day and get nice weather and extra volume comes back on a monday morning. live look at the schuylkill heading out of town. it is a muggy start, and a accident north on the blue route 476 northbound, route one interchange. lets get back to the septa thing to clear this up. this afternoon for evening commute what will be different at september, dave kinchen at 30th street station. >> reporter: well, everything will be different going back. in other word when people get out of work and they go to the train station in center city and make their way out of the center city they will dealing with changes in rules after they leave this afternoon. it means all passengers have to be ticketed before getting on to any regional rail train departing the city that only applies to the five stationness center city and only during afternoon lush from one to 6:30 on weekdays.
8:05 am
conductors don't have time or the ability to check all passengers for tickets while they are on the train because trains are so pack these days, and the third of the regional rail fleet was pulled and now passengers are worried that a ticket check were boarding could cause even more delays. >> it will create timetable issues with people being late and trains being backup and delays will be greater because trains will in the leave without people waiting for it. >> if you don't have a ticket you can go to the sales office at the stations and do your purchase there and then you'll have a ticket and validated at top of the stairwell before you go down to the station. >> here's more, officials tell thaws fare collection staff will be stationed by each stairway before riders get down to the platform. cash will not be accepted for preboarding payment and septa ace planning to release more information about the lines, those silver liners so we will
8:06 am
hear more about that at some point this week as well. 8:06. it will switch offer in one seconds. >> smokers in pennsylvania, will have to dish out an extra dollar more than a dollar for pack of cigarettes. the taxings up to 2.60. in the city of fill awe will pay almost five bucks in taxes alone on every pack. this increase is part of the plan to dress the state's budget deficit. >> a pack will get for ten bucks to 15 bucks today, in philadelphia. >> wow. >> there is a petition calling for a permanent enforcement of the south broad street parking ban in south philadelphia. there was in effect last week for the convention. you could not park in the median on south broad anymore, for those four or five days. >> this petition has been going around nearly 1,000 situation on it. political action committee calling for the ban says they are tired of cars parking on the medians on broad street and enforcing this ban will make driving and park nothing south philadelphia more safe.
8:07 am
>> oh, man lets stir the pot. >> this will get people going. >> lets go chris murphy down in south philadelphia. >> consider the pot stirred. they are back in the media on south break but hard to see with the cars all hitting the red light as these cars go by now that they have the green i want to you lot something bear with me here thinks live tv. this guy is parked on the broad in the turn lane as is the ford f150. it is clear. here's the deal. we have got a file right here, this is, jake leapard, you are the guy who got this petitioning. last week this was cleared. you said that was safe. this is unsafe again. >> south broad is at least safe street in south philadelphia and so we are calling for a safe street here, cars are parked for weeks on even. there is no tickets. they go all the way in the turning lanes, in the the safe for drivers or pedestrians not
8:08 am
safe for anyone. >> you have lived on wharton street out of south broad. >> two blocks away. >> what is it like parking is it a nightmare. >> it is not as bad as people say. over last week whenever median was clear. i park right in front of my house several times. no issues there. it is great. >> reporter: you know this has been tradition we have researched this all the way to like pose world war two going back to the 40's when people parking here. people are like we will sign that petition but others are saying you want to mess with tradition. i want you to list men to what some south philadelphia neighbors listening. >> reason people park in the street is not just for convenience but because of lack of park nothing south philadelphia. they have so much going things on on broad street doctor's offices and banks and there is in where to park on broad street.
8:09 am
>> this noise where to park so you take to the median. jake, you have another observation about this, where we are standing right now is a vacant spot, i'm surprised no one tried to take this. if you go beyond you will get a particular ironically parking illegally here you could park for days on end and they will never bother you. >> what we see is people try to get away from getting a permanent, california license plate, massachusetts, new jersey, people park here for days on even. cars may even be broken down. >> where does your petition go from here mayor kenney has been in this area a lot. you have others, other council represent this area what do you want them to do. >> we started our petition fix broad to sign the petition. now we are looking for to the councilman and mayor to begin
8:10 am
enforcement. we will continue to have that conversation as well as how to we redesign this street so it works well for everyone. >> you know if this goes through and you are successful you will be reviled by your neighbors you know this right. >> i think with over a thousand signatures we have a lot of support mainly from south philadelphia residents. it has been a great show of support. >> mayor dilworth in the 60's got tomatoes thrown at him are you willing to get tomatoes thrown at you. >> i'm willing to work through that. >> tough guy in a tough town. >> you have to give him that. >> do you think this will fly. >> this will light up twitter. >> do you think so. >> my phonies smoking. >> i have admired how cars are park 11 direction and other is park the other way, how did they do that. they are this close. >> the q, you better get to know the name, the name of the new tv for fox, 42 days away from the premiere of the q
8:11 am
with quincy harris. i'm calling it a quincy harris talk show. >> i like that. >> by the way, tickets to be in the audience go on sale, but they are free but you can get them i'll tell you why. >> you have to have an audience. >> better believe it. >> so get the most out of your work out we will talk about this all about timing your snack. >> i never know what to eat before you go out for a run or go to the gym we have the answer up next. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune.
8:12 am
but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
8:13 am
8:14 am
torrential rains came in. now take a look as a man gets swept with a water and his car. police identified the victim as jessica from lebanon, pennsylvania. rescue crews saved hundred people from the rushing waters. look at that video. >> we were standing here.
8:15 am
it would be waist high on my here. >> thinks in ellicott city. members of the pennsylvania institute management team they are preparing to go to howard county to help with the clean up that is going on right there. it is what was it so much rain. what did one guy say. >> 6 inches. >> they had six months of rain in hours. >> devastating. equivalent around here imagine new hope or haddonfield, new jersey, this part of ellicott the city is historic and shops, along the street. it decimated. it is unbelievable. the seat of howard county, maryland. >> what a beautiful quaint town, it was. >> it really was. >> it will be back. >> we're watching radar and watching to see where isolated thunderstorms pop up. we had been watching ocean county all morning. even seaside heights is seeing clearing after their downpours, and now we have an
8:16 am
isolated downpour around fredrick, thompsonville in kent kent county in delaware. very isolated, very isolated, showers or thunderstorms but likely to be a soaker but just you could go five or 10 miles and have nothing. that is what we expect. flash flood continues. to counties to the north of us, including monroe county where pocono race way is. they have rescheduled yesterday's pennsylvania four hundred to today at 11:00. they are hoping to get that race in at 70 degrees. the visibility in the poconos, it is foggy all morning up there, only quarter mile in mount pocono and muggy every where. lewis delaware 78. atlantic city 75. pottstown 71. reading, pa 75. seventy-four in the city. it was 90 yesterday. with all of the cloud cover and very little sunshine. not as much as yesterday.
8:17 am
we have 86. we will see some sun at times but watch out for those pop up thunderstorms, a few tomorrow as well. then lower humidity wednesday, thursday friday isn't too bad but it does warm up and we will get more then are storms perhaps on saturday. checking out shore temperatures we will not have that land breeze this week especially tuesday and wednesday with beach temperatures in the 70's. it looks delightful at the shore bob kelly. >> those land breezes will keep those big green flies out and ocean breeze we will be in good shape. 8:17. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound we have an accident at fort washington interchange, between fort washington and virginia drive. water main break arrot street between margaret, frankford orthodox el stop and roosevelt boulevard. that stretch is arrot street. septa detouring j, k and 75 and we have homes without water. the philly water department
8:18 am
the scene there at least at the moment. expect detours throughout the rest of the morning. good morning, no problems at all up and over until you get to the down side at eighth and vine in south on i-95 your morning crawl between cottman avenue and girard avenue coming into downtown philadelphia. mike and alex, back over to you. >> i never know what to eat before working out. >> do you work out. >> well, when do i work out, it is how soon can i eat, they say do it not right before. >> like an hour before. >> sometimes i used to run, used to work out, i would eat peanut butter. >> remember when i work out immediately have after cuba libre that was chilly after a couple of momosa. >> i didn't do that. >> sam is here. he went to lasalle. registered dietition. you are a register dietition. >> yes. >> what is latest possible time. >> latest possible time would
8:19 am
be about 45 minutes to an hour before a work out good what should we be eating. >> forty-five minutes to an hour before your work out shoot for a simple carbohydrates, a cherry juice or simple fruit, we have some greek ohio their will help with some protein. >> you have a big pile of greek yogurt there. >> yep. >> you have raspberries. >> it looks like black brings. >> what are those seeds. >> they are chia seats, healthy form of fat that offer protein. sustain energy or two or one hour work out. >> tell me about cherry juice because i have never tried that. >> tart cherry juice has a lot of benefits just beyond the simple sugars. it is very good for inflammation and can help balance blood sugar. >> i never tasted cherry juice. >> here we go. >> tart cherry juice. >> exited to see what this looks like. >> is it that bad.
8:20 am
>> no,. >> it is good. >> yes. >> do you want some. >> no, that is okay. >> we have jumped the gun here. >> what i is the time we should be eating. >> you want to eat two to three hearst before your work out and that is more complex carbohydrates. >> so here we have oatmeal, some, multi grain bread, and sweet potato. >> i cook up that wheat potato and eat the whole thing. >> do that two to three hours before. >> what you would be doggies basically filling up your gas tank per se with energy and then with the simple carbohydrates an hour before, you're just topping off those sources of energy. >> what is this? >> over here we have beef jerky and this would be used more for your strength training work out. >> that is good. >> what kind is that. >> it looks different. >> brandies crave beef jerky. it is more sim many very slow sodium, soft. >> it is soft. marinate it before hand.
8:21 am
it has a nice texture. >> i taste basil, citrus as well. >> yes. >> where would i get that. >> every where. >> even pharmacies. >> how about the food cart a cross the street. >> i'm not sure about that. >> then it is not every where. >> keep up with the. >> if you do a marathon or some long distance training would you want to make sure you fill your energy tank with long sustain energy which would be shore your fat, almond, cashews, walnuts. >> is there fat in almond. >> good fat. >> good fat. >> unsaturated fat. >> this beef jerky is really good. >> really good. >> it doesn't seem like beef but turkey. >> thank you glad you are enjoyed it.
8:22 am
>> you guys can enjoy that. >> we will, trust me. >> every now and then couples get into arguments. i do it on a daily base i. let me tell you this, some experts say is there one word you should never say during an argument. >> one word. >> i thought it would be like whatever. >> whatever. >> not that. >> guess that one word. >> but first beyond the awards if your kid were watching teen choice award they got more than just music and acceptance speeches. we normally see at an award show how celebrities used this show to tackle some very tough topics in the country. >> gun violence.
8:23 am
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8:24 am
8:25 am
can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] sing it. >> if your kids watching the
8:26 am
teen choice award last night, they heard marvin gaye what is going on by neo, his version, a highlight, what they were also highlighting some tough topics like gun violence in america. >> definitely tragedies we have had in our country, and patients you remember our fox 29 intern and her friend tiara they appearedder with on teens lost family and friend to gun violence. >> this segment hosted by jessica alba. >> i'm patients. >> i'm see ara. >> patients and tiara were wound in the pulse nightclub attack where tiara lost her cows inn. >> a key use marie. >> they brought christine from marlton shot and killed after a tragedy in orlando. >> she won a award. >> yes. >> also part of that just continue timberlake was on there and he got an award for artist of the decade.
8:27 am
>> wow. >> such an young audience parents have been trying to figure out how to talk to your kid to bridge to topic and discuss it. >> well, q is name of the new tv show that starts in 42 days on fox, our quincy harris has his talk show on five days a week and we will have an audience, right. >> you can get tickets. would i try to be one for the first show. >> wouldn't you want to be part of this. >> tell me how.
8:28 am
it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus,
8:29 am
the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'!
8:30 am
it is 8:30. >> how much freedom is too much freedom. >> would you let your six year-old ride subway alone. >> no. >> the parenting tips from across the country that may make american parents uneasy.
8:31 am
>> parenting tips from around the world, and will it ever come to the states. a local college student, find a unique way to raise money formular dystrophy research after his mom was diagnosed with it. why he clipped clothespins to his nipples and how you can help make his charity bike ride a lot more interesting. it is weird, i know. >> you have to have fun, every day for me is a gift, pause from whatever else you are doing and have a good time together. >> he listens to everyone and he makes sure that he understands what they need. >> q is a perfect man for philly because he has high energy. >> i need you to tell eight people. >> when is it premiering. >> i love it, when quincy is standing here, at this side of the mike, the q. >> that stuff just doesn't happen, that is natural talent. >> when do you that.
8:32 am
>> yes. >> there he is. >> right there. >> do it again. >> that is right. >> yeah. >> we're 42 days away from the first episode of the q on fox. you will have a live studio audience. studio audience. >> it is a talk show. will you run around philly. no, we will be in the studio which is had hard for me because i jump around a lot. >> it is on the third floor in the building, beautiful new studio, your set is gorgeous. >> yes. >> sometimes i will go and look through window. >> i slept in it last night. >> who else. >> i was alone. >> okay. >> so, you have to get tickets. >> can we do that right now. tickets are free. all you have to do is go to
8:33 am
fox, banner that takes you right there, answer a couple questions. >> what kind of questions. >> you know, favorite movie would you like to be part of the show, if you answer them maybe be part of the show. >> yes. >> right now fox >> certain age. eighteen and over. >> you can bring three friends if you have a group larger than four, we have some information on there. >> write bring your whole job. >> field trip. >> i want to bring the internet. >> lets do it. >> free tickets good here's the other question we have people asking, if i am a mother or something and i want to bring my child or friend,. >> no. >> okay, rs vp, for up to you plus three. >> okay. >> eighteen and over. >> one person can do it for
8:34 am
three. >> yes. >> treats, alcohol. >> people on the fourth floor are working on that. >> yes. >> jim driscoll. >> famous people. >> well, you yeah. you will. >> of course you are famous. >> we're trying to bring entertainment to philly, a lot of pressure. >> will they meet you. >> for sure. >> that is easy he will walk out. >> yes. >> he has a show to do, mike. >> he might be busy. >> hi, gotta go. >> you know you will meet me but we are trying to bring as many celebrities here. >> you come here you just can't meet mike. >> you guys are doing serious thing. >> how would you describe this program. >> talk show, fun, talk show entertainment. >> daytime. >> daytime talk show. we will have fun. if you know me, seen me on good day philadelphia it is nothing but fun.
8:35 am
there are serious issues we have to tackle but we will tackle them. >> what about relationship. >> we will have ask q. >> i like that. >> yes. >> sometimes when quincy is walking in the studio, hey quincy, i have a q question for you. >> yes. >> fox if you want to be part of it. >> he gave me some love advice. >> but did you take it. >> i know you didn't. >> no, you didn't. >> that is progress. >> i told him what would happen. >> quincy gives me advice, i haven't come to him in a while. >> you need him. >> she got dump. >> oh, okay. >> there will be a guest on the show. >> yes. >> last question. >> when does the taping, when do i need to be here at 11:00. >> we will probably tape
8:36 am
11:00, probably come here earlier, all of the information, all that information on fox >> and, come, yes. >> please. >> pants. >> please, preferably. >> what if girls want to wear dresses. >> we want that too. >> i have no prenup so i'm stuck. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> he looks good in the commercials. >> beautiful. >> are you getting a lot of money for this. >> it is all for the love. >> what do you do it for. >> i do it for my mother, my father and my family in pleasantville, new jersey and everybody in germantown. i do it for you guys, south philadelphia, people on q street. your whole family begging you for money. >> there is not much going around these days, not a lot of sleep and not a lot of
8:37 am
money. >> they have there -- never mind. >> it will be so good. >> go to fox and i'll want you to be part of the show. >> thanks. >> dj maltease. >> congratulations. >> okay. >> food safety expert is sharing an important list, the six things he says that are just too risky to eat, and you may be giving some of these foods tour kids, today.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ ♪ this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done.
8:40 am
that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." 8:40. one of the world's leading food poisoning experts revealed six items he refuses to eat. >> six of them.
8:41 am
>> they are the main culprit, for food born illnesses, abe pretty common stuff. you ever eat raw oysters in. >> this guy says don't do it. more cases of illness are linked to shellfish then any other food. how about this, pre-cut or prewashed fruit and veggies. i do that all the time. more food is handled and processed greater risk of contamination. >> raw sprouts, contamination occurs as the seeds are placed in to warm water. >> rare meat. now, this is a a problem. >> that is you all day, mike. >> i know it. >> i cut into mistake and it goes moo. >> yes. >> or even when we went to yakitori, you had all raw. >> all raw fish. >> yes. >> yes. >> does that count. >> i didn't see it on the list. >> isn't that raw. >> well, not meat. >> it is raw meat not rare
8:42 am
meat. >> it is rare is so meat it is almost raw. >> whenever i order stuff well done, medium well. why don't you just eat a shoe. >> just eat a shoe do you want to eat my shoe i have a wing tip on. >> and mayonnaise and ice cream, and unpass tourized milk and juices. raw beverages are skipping safety step. >> unpass tourized milk and juice, what is wrong with juice. >> ice cream. >> what is this? >> this guy is a dope. >> this is what he says. >> yes, one guy. >> let's play some golf with charles barkley. >> yes, please i need to see his swing, jen. >> this is all about the kids and there is one thing that the sport of golf teaches kid that in other sport does do you know what ites? guess he have knows what it
8:43 am
is, madison knows. we will tell you what it is the one thing in golf that is critical to being a great kid. yes, baby that looked good. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
8:44 am
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're still watching the fog that has been up in the pocono mountains all morning. we can see lake wallenpau pack but there have been plenty of area with thick fog and watching area of pop up showers. we will zoom in here, to cumberland county and cape may county right around woodbine dennis township where we have one isolated cell there and another one in kent county, delaware right there by the delaware bay. that is how it is. we have rescheduled the pennsylvania 400 to take at 11:00 they are hoping to get race in before rain begins. in the poconos mountains it is 70 degrees but you keep an eye to the sky ape that is case every where today because you could get your pop ups and if you get one it will be a soaker. >> soaker. >> 8:46. first t organization was started by earl woods and commission is to teach kids from all backgrounds the rules of golf with life lessons. >> they're in town.
8:47 am
a lot of stars are in town right now and joining jen in the next few minutes. hi there jen. >> we are waiting for stars. we want people to know what first t is all about. have you ever heard of rock music, at a driving range not exactly. good morning to you becca and madison. >> good morning. >> we have talk about this before the break. in golf there is no cheating or lying. that is a core value thaw teach. >> we have nine of them. honesty and integrity are two of them. always tell the truth write down the right score that is what we teach you aaron alumni of the program. >> yes. >> you're helping coach this summer, chapter of your golf team. >> when i graduated i was first african-american golf coach. >> why do kid like the first t were is it cool to do this. >> first coaches are awesome. they want you to succeed. they want you to be great. >> they want you to be great
8:48 am
at being a person and that is just extra they teach you, they beat it in your head. >> no, no. >> keep talking. >> how they want you to be great but nine core values are definitely it. >> they have a great program for girls which is cool. people that don't know about that. shower about that. >> we have a great golf program. we have events, classes for girls only a a lot of scholarship for girls, young girls for golf and we would like as many females out and golf as possible. >> you work all over the place but f fdr in south philadelphia, walnut lane in roxborough, big shots headed here. >> michael vick. >> i'm exited to meet him. >> michael v and did j. >> i was looking forward to charles barkley but he will not be here so. >> we hear charles barkley is
8:49 am
having a hip replacement, guys >> yes. >> maybe it will help his golf swing. >> kids will caddy for players >> they carrying back for 18 holes. >> including joe. >> including joseph. >> so we have some students walking nine and then they will switch off with another one of their friends. >> so now fun begins at 9:00 is when people start showing up. we will run through parking lot like crazy people. will you help me out with that. >> yes. >> guys, cool. >> i love it. >> that is cool. >> great what they are doing. >> 8:49. so tonight, i want to you watch the 10:00 o'clock nice like you always do but we have redecorated, reconstruction the set that we have been using for ten years. >> we had a make over. >> i thought this studio was good looking, wait until you see new one. do you want to see time lapse video of how we have change the studio.
8:50 am
roll it now. okay. >> i would live in this studio. >> you slept there last night. >> how was that. >> right on the floor. i put my face on right on this new floor. >> so cool you can see your reflection, that is how you got a brand new floor. >> you have to be careful if you wear skirts in there.
8:51 am
>> yes. >> i never thought about that. >> everybody has to wear underwear right now. >> are we not already doing that. >> you know kathy orr? >> stop it. >> my goodness, is what wrong with you. >> speaking of kathy, she is going to be one of the hosts of an 11:00 o'clock newscast we are starting an 11:00 o'clock newscast so watch out. >> lucy noland as well. >> howard eskin part of it too. >> i love howard. >> i think this set will blow you away. >> it is very cool, trust me, you will want to see this debut tonight. >> to tell you the truth i'm jealous. >> very jealous. >> their studio is five time bigger than the one we are in right now. >> we're very jealous. >> i have some kind oven very, yes. their studio is bigger than -- iain has a bigger one then i do. studio. >> of course.
8:52 am
>> yes. >> are you tired? i'm exhausted, after last week all last week. >> yes. >> all weekend i don't think i would recover anytime soon. >> we have to bounce back. >> monday mornings are tough. >> you may have your breakfast to blame for your tiredness the rest of today. there are five foods that are zapping your energy and you are eating them for breakfast. we will go through them and maybe you can stop eating them.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning everybody. this is between broomall and saint david, saint david, villanova interchange they are all over to the left here causing a delay on the northbound side. so as you are rolling out of the driveway this morning yo nova fans heading in to villanova watch out for that
8:56 am
delay. we have a water main break 1200arrott street between frankford avenue and margaret orthodox el stop there and three bus's long that stretch, j, k and 75. they are on a detour. we have homes without water. so hopefully we will get that water turned on so kids can brush their teeth here before we get started for morning rush, mike and alex, back over to you. thanks, bob. hate going to the gym, right. >> yes. >> why not try shopping instead this sound better. >> is she there. >> the daily work out without you even knowing. things you do every day thaw are getting a work out from. >> i doubt that. >> i like this. >> i have a question for you parents out there, how many freedom is too much. would you let your six year-old child ride septa like the subway by themselves? parent in japan do that. parent willing tips from around the world that may,
8:57 am
make americans parents feel uneasy.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
it is monday. we're into a new month, august . thinks number one and two weeks of vacation. >> almost time for school to start in the middle of the month. >> it makes sense. >> now is the time. >> hi sue. >> hi sue. >> hi. >> i already said it. >> every couple fights from time to time. >> gentlemen. >> some have of us just more often then others. it does happen. thank you, bob. >> yeah. >> i was going to do it myself tonight. >> yes. >> there is this one word, one word, you should never said during an


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